Mission, Core Values & Outcomes

Faith Heritage School Mission Statement:

Faith Heritage School exists to glorify God by providing a sound, Biblically integrated program in order to assist parents and churches in equipping students for Christian living and service within today’s changing world.

Core Values and Outcomes:




Long-Term Outcomes are intended to articulate who we desire Faith Heritage students to become –the values, mindsets, attitudes, habits, and/or competencies we envision students need to thrive in the 21st Century. While these are graduation-level outcomes, each phase of a student’s PK-12 journey serves as a building block to instill these values and equip them for lifelong success.



Each Faith Heritage student is being prepared to…


Love the Lord with all their HEART

Students are becoming lovers of God who experience a close relationship with Jesus Christ, seeking above all things to Glorify His name and look forward to His coming

Students are becoming seekers of truth who pursue a life that is firmly rooted in Christ, nurtured by prayer, and governed by God’s Word

Students are becoming resilient disciples of Christ who demonstrate a heart of grace, worship, praise, and service, and who seek to make disciples of others

Love the Lord with all their SOUL

Students are becoming God’s workmanship, fully aware that they are loved by Him and created for a unique purpose to bring glory to God and to know His direction and will for their life

Students are becoming equipped saints who are discovering and maturing in their spiritual gifts and abilities

Students are becoming whole by being spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, occupationally, and intellectually healthy, strong, and fit to fulfill our Creator’s plan for their lives

Love the Lord with all their STRENGTH

Students are becoming ambassadors of Christ who are prepared and willing to reach their communities with the Gospel

Students are becoming authentic servants who desire to use their talents and energies to love and serve others

Love the Lord with all their MIND

Students are becoming connoisseurs of language, literature and the arts, math, science, and technology, who affirm or refute their and others’ perspectives and beliefs through a Biblical worldview

Students are becoming effective communicators in both written texts and multimedia platforms, and discerning evaluators of information they encounter from various sources

Students are becoming curious adventurers who see God’s purpose in their lives in new ways through expanding their cultural understanding

Students are becoming agents of renewal who recognize failure as a stepping-stone, learn from mistakes, adapt to change, and influence others to grow/transform

Students are becoming a reflection of their Creator by appreciating His beauty and responding through creative expression and innovation

Students are becoming discerners of truth by developing critical thinking skills to question, problem-solve, evaluate ideas, and make wise decisions