Our Position on Next Generation Learning Standards

Next Generation Learning Standards

Faith Heritage Position Statement

Faith Heritage will always deliver a curriculum where God’s Word is at the center.  Our curriculum is a tool that teachers use to prepare our students to excel in PreK through 12 and college academics.  Our curriculum is a plan for instruction and assessment that helps to deliver content in an engaging and relevant manner while developing a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of students so that they can understand and interpret their world through the lens of God’s unchanging truth.  Teachers within each content area review and update their curriculum on a regularly scheduled cycle.  In that review, New York State Learning Standards have been taken into consideration to set minimum standards.  Standards are an agreed-upon list of skills and concepts that should be mastered at each grade level.  In 2017, NYS adopted the Next Generation Learning Standards for ELA and Mathematics.  The Standards themselves do not prescribe how a skill or concept should be taught at FHS, instead, it is the Faith Heritage curriculum that will determine which standards will be taught and how they will be taught and assessed. 

Faith Heritage will use the Next Generation Learning Standards, as we have in the past with previous NYSLS (New York State Learning Standards), as one tool for determining minimum standards at each grade level while at all times keeping scripture at the center, academic excellence as a requisite, and our core values as our guide.