The elementary school program at Faith Heritage is designed to build a strong foundation in the basic skills of Bible, reading, spelling, mathematics, science, social studies, penmanship and oral and written language.  In addition, instruction is given in art, library, music theory, choral music, keyboarding and physical education.  Private music lessons are also available.



At the elementary level, Bible includes a weekly Bible memory verse, reading and studying Bible passages and doing character or topical studies at each grade level.  The Christian disciplines are also taught and practiced and application of biblical principles is emphasized.


Phonics instruction forms the basis for reading instruction in the lower elementary grades.  The reading program, Foundations and Frameworks, includes a literary collection of novels and nonfiction books which are used to teach reading comprehension skills and the use of graphic organizers.


Students learn parts of speech which help them to construct good sentences.  Consistent terminology and skill-building exercises are used at every level.  Writing is incorporated into the program as well.


Weekly spelling lists which incorporate Bible concepts and terms form the core of the spelling program.  Correct age-appropriate spelling is required in written work.


A sequential, hands on, concept based mathematics program is taught.  Math manipulatives are incorporated at every level.


Science incorporates an investigative method of studying God’s creation.  Many hands-on activities are included.

Social Studies

Social studies includes history and geography.  History is explained as “His Story” or God’s influence on the world over time.


Keyboarding skills are taught in the elementary beginning in grade 3.
Biblical principles are integrated into each and every subject taught.  The Stanford Achievement tests are administered each spring in grades 3 – 6.

At Faith Heritage, we are blessed with dedicated and well qualified teachers.  Our teachers are required to obtain certification through the Association of Christian Schools International and are encouraged to hold New York State certification.  Perhaps most important, however, is their love for each of their students, and their dedication to helping them learn and grow in the love of Christ.