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Mrs. Jennie Lape
Director of Guidance

Guidance Quick Links:

SAT (College Board)
Khan Academy


Academic Policies & Course Catalog 2017-18
College Prep Guidebook for Juniors 2017-18
College Prep Check List for Juniors
College Applications & Scholarships Guidebook
College Applications–Academic Records Request
Early Decision Agreement
Release of School Records/FERPA Waiver

The Guidance office at FHS, in partnership with parents, seeks to provide services to students enabling them to explore, define and pursue God’s purpose for their lives both during and after high school.  The Guidance Office assists students in grades 6 through 12th in:

–Defining and planning for God’s purpose and call on their lives
–Hosting Parent/Student Events to disseminate grade-specific information
–Selecting coursework that fulfills the requirements to obtain a high school diploma
–Assisting with accessing higher education opportunities
–Hosting annual campus College Fair
–Assisting and coaching students in the college application process
–Providing scholarship information and collegiate financial aid
–Acting as a liaison between the school and college/ universities Admissions Office
–Providing information for students on the SAT and ACT college entrance examinations

It is our desire to provide the most current and useful college and career information to parents during their students’ high school careers.  The level of engagement with the guidance office will naturally increase as FHS students enter into the junior and senior years of high school.

Please take the time to explore the grade level timelines, college entrance exam web links, and Naviance information linked to this page.  (Naviance is used heavily in the junior and senior years as a tool for exploring college options, and as a delivery tool for documents that are required upon application to a college or university).  Please direct any questions or comments to  We look forward to working with you as we explore the future with your student!