Physical Education

The objectives of the Jr/Sr high school program regarding development and instructional needs of the students are to continue to develop Godly character traits such as honesty, sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, kindness, and self-control.  We also strive to improve the skill level of physical fitness, stimulate an interest in lifetime sports and activities, and develop a basic understanding of the rules of a variety of sports and lifetime activities.

The courses are taught from a distinctively Christian viewpoint by teaching compliance to rules, honesty, and fair play as biblical concepts; that respecting others is necessary regardless of their strengths and weaknesses; and that doing one’s best is more important than the outcome of the activity. Reinforced is that God is the Creator of our bodies and that He has orchestrated their many movements.

A positive, Godly attitude toward the activities, classmates, and the instructors is a course expectation.

Grades 7-11:

Three-year rotation of the following activities:  (6 units of activity each year)

Baseball (Boys)
Field Hockey
Flag Football
Floor Hockey
Frisbee Golf
Softball (Girls)
Stickball (Lacrosse)
Table Tennis
Team Handball
Track & Field
Weight Training

Grade 12:

Badminton, Bowling, Golf, Softball, Volleyball, and Physical Fitness