Spanish I

An introduction to Spanish, we concentrate on vocabulary building, covering such topics as introductions, school, time, sports, weather, travel, family, and food.  We work only in the present tense, learning how to conjugate both regular and irregular verbs.  Students learn to pray in Spanish and memorize Bible verses at the end of each unit.  Whenever possible, we include guest speakers, especially missionaries to Spanish-speaking countries when available.

Spanish II

Spanish II builds on Spanish I, adding vocabulary having to do with shopping, clothing, sightseeing, pets, home responsibilities, letter-writing, holidays, body parts, and toiletries.  Verb tenses are expanded to include preterite, imperfect, present progressive, and imperative.  Prayer in Spanish is expanded to include prayer requests from classmates, and Bible verses are memorized at the end of each unit.


Spanish III

Spanish III builds on Spanish II, adding vocabulary about computers, technology, jobs, cars, politics, the home, travel and the Bible. Verb tenses are expanded to include future, conditional, four perfect tenses, and the subjunctive.  Prayer and Bible memorization are continued.


Spanish IV  

Spanish IV builds on Spanish III but puts more emphasis on the verbal skills.  Vocabulary is expanded, and previous verb tenses are reviewed with more in-depth study of the subjunctive. Various short literary selections will be read, but our main goal is that each student will be able to witness and share the gospel in Spanish.  Those who feel prepared and desire to take the AP exam in May can do so.