High School Profile

High School Profile

Click above to download a pdf of our complete high school academic profile.

On average, 97 percent of Faith Heritage graduates continue to higher education.  Below are the specific statistics for the Class of 2017.

Based on SAT Rosters 2017 and 2017 College Bound Seniors Report

FHS Mean Score
Critical Reading  586 / Mathematics 590 /Overall 1177

*National Mean Scores:
Critical Reading 538 / Mathematics 533 /Overall 1070

*NY State Mean Scores:
Critical Reading 528 / Mathematics 523 /Overall 1052

*Provided by the College Board

Graduation Requirements (24 Units required)
Bible– 4 units
Social Studies– 4 units
English– 4 units
Phys. Ed.– 2 units
Mathematics– 3 units
Science–  3 units
Fine Arts– 1 unit
Spanish–  1 unit
Electives–  1.5- 3.5 units
Health– .5 units


High School Grading System

90-100 (A)
The pupil almost always does work of excellent quality and shows real comprehension of the subject matter.

80-89 (B)
The pupil generally does work of good quality and shows understanding of the subject matter.

70-79 (C)
The pupil does work of average quality and shows a fair grasp of the subject matter.

65-69 (D)
The pupil does work of poor quality and barely meet minimum requirements set for the course.

Below 65 (F)
Pupil does not meet requirements for the course.

Final averages are generally computed by averaging the marking period grades with the final exam.

­Faith Heritage School does not rank students.  We do, however, award a Valedictorian and a Salutatorian.