Jr. High Science Olympiad Team Takes 2nd Place! Earns Another Trip to STATES! 


Congratulations to the B Division (Junior High) Science Olympiad team!  They placed 2nd among 27 teams at the Regional competition earning them another trip to the New York State Finals.   The team won top 10 medals in 23 of 25 events!

Top finishers were:

1st place         Mystery Architecture- Emily Sadowski, Grace Woodford 

2nd place        Crime Busters- Jonathan VerSchneider, Grace Woodford 

2nd place        Herpetology- Hannah Lape, Ryan Lauffer 

2nd place        Optics- Dana Gerasimovich, Susannah Matzal 

2nd place       Parasitology- Sophia Gerasimovich, Grace Jackson 

3rd place       Experimental Design- Dana & Sophia Gerasimovich, and Jonathan VerSchneider 

3rd place       Fast Facts- Jacob Kazulak, Ryan Lauffer 

3rd place       Wright Stuff- Zaukat Lahtaw, Roman Marcoccia 

3rd place       Write it Do It- Julia DePalmo, Susannah Matzal 

4th place       Microbe Mission- Julia DePalmo, Ryan Lauffer 

4th place       Road Scholar- Julia DePalmo, Grace Jackson 

5th place       Ecology- Dana Gerasimovich, Emily Sadowski 

5th place       Potions & Poisons-Emily Sadowski, Grace Woodford 

5th place       Roller Coaster- Joshua Koshy, Roman Marcoccia 

5th place       Solar System- Grace Jackson, Hannah Lape