We are renovating the Activity Center!

Summer rains of 2018 caused damage to our gym floor.  We were able to do a temporary repair for varsity games this school year, but the floor needs to be completely replaced.  Praise the Lord, our insurance company has provided the money needed for floor replacement.

However, to be good stewards of the new floor, we are also replacing our gym roof, and taking the opportunity to repaint the Activity Center.

Immediately after Commencement (Saturday, June 15th), we will be tearing out the old gym floor to get ready for this huge summer project!

You can support the renovation by purchasing your own piece of SAINTS history!!

30 Years of Saints History!

The activity center was being constructed in 1989, and varsity play began on December 1, 1990.*  There have been 30 years of memories created on that hardwood! You can own a piece of that history and support the renovation project with your donation.

  • You can own one of the full SAINTS logos (7′ x 2′ section) for a donation of $1,000! (SORRY, these are SOLD!)
  • You can own a 12″ square piece which includes an important line (3-point line, top of the key, volleyball court, etc.) for a $100 donation!
  • You can own a 12″ square piece of the plain floor (no paint) for a $50 donation!
  • Or inquire in the comments section if you want a larger quantity or something specific.

Own a piece of SAINTS history…and support the next generation of SAINTS Athletes!

*On Saturday, December 1, 1990, FHS played a Volleyball/Basketball doubleheader.
Both varsity teams won, volleyball defeating Otselic Valley, and basketball beating Houghton Academy.
Thanks to Mr. Ken Fuller for this nugget of SAINTS history!

Own A Piece of SAINTS History!

Which piece of history do you want?